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Women all over the world have creative hair styles that are unique to their personality; From highly stylized salon-tended shapes to easy, softer silhouetts, 'Bobs' place as first runner-up to the french roll in ease. Here are some tips to get more mileage out of your bob.



1. Part it. Side or center parts are hot and make the newest statement.

2. Make it glamorous. The fifties looks are hot now. Try the bob as pageboy, caught up in a snood or in a bouffant crown.

3. Turn it. Try a soft flip.

4. Twist it. Then let it dry naturally.

5. Fake it. Pull your hair back into a short ponytail at the nape of your neck and wear a fall that you've had custom-cut by your hairstylist. Finish off with a wide headband.

6. Groom it. Breakage can occur when your ends rest on certain fibers, like the wool in some turtlenecks and jackets.

Product Use:

1. Be careful of shine products, they do give your hair a little shine — but they also attract dirt, if over used.

2. Look for products that are moisturizing and alcohol-free. For health hold, mix a setting lotion with a light liquid oil.

3. Go light on holding sprays or spritzes, which crystallize on hair stands and forms a light net — And if a product promises to 'Freeze' your hair, it's to high in alcohol.

4. For healthy hair, use oil and protein conditioners alternately. If you are unsure of your hair's condition — consult a salon expert.


1. Hair conditioned once a month at a salon. Trim ends regularly, and don't be afraid to cut; It's damage prevention. Your bob should be so flexible you can wrap it at night or spot-curl or roll it in the morning. When you're ready, you should be able to simply fingr-comb, or pick or shake your head and go.

2. Use moisturizing shampoos and conditoners, especially during cold winter months, when hair is drier.

3. High setting on blow dryers, hot curling irons or flat irons can make hair dry and brittle. Try using alcohol-free heat styler sprays.

4. Smooth your roots. regular touch-ups or blow dry them when necessary — but lubricate first with moisturizer conditioner.

5. Hair that feels stiff or crunchy has too much product build up — it's time to shampoo — never curl or blow dry hair in this state.

Note: A 'Bob' can be to a woman, what a suit is to a man –a basic uniform that works! What is very exciting, is where you take it from there.

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