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The best natural ways to avoid thinning of hair are to keep scalp clean, get rid of dandruff and do regular scalp massage. Dandruffs are mostly yeast infections, directly involved in causing hair fall. Rather it damages hair follicle and makes it weaker causing hair thinning. Medical problems, certain medications and stress cause certain degree of baldness in people who normally have good hair. The exposure to chemicals in certain shampoos and radiations of environment can further cause dryness of scalp and scalp damage, which can be prevented by applying medicated oil to scalp. Effective ways to avoid thinning of hair is provided by herbal oil massage.

Hylix oil is one of the most widely used herbal oils which can be applied to the roots of hair to improve condition of hair follicle. The natural ways to avoid thinning of hair supported by massage promotes blood circulation to scalp and skin layers on the scalp for improved growth of hair. It is made up of herbs that can reduce damage to connective tissues and skin layers. According to ayurveda, Phyllanthus Emblica or amla can restore normal body balance and induce prana i.e. get back youthful energy in body. It offers natural ways to avoid thinning of hair as it is believed that Prana helps in inducing heat in body needed for proper digestion and good health. The various components in the fruit of the herbal plant of Phyllanthus Emblica i.e. sweet, bitter, sour, salty, pungent and astringent can revive the normal structure of energy found inside human body.

Fire of human body is linked to the metabolism and liver, and it is called pitta. Vata is the air which is taken through the respiratory system. Kapha is the dampness or water element in body. Body tissues are made up of plasma, blood, muscles, bone, fat, marrow, and nerve tissues. There are certain meridians in body linked to anatomical characters such as arteries, veins, trachea, oesophagus and intestines which allows the energy to flow properly in the body. The body produces waste in the form of urine, sweat and the digestive waste.

The herb Phyllanthus Emblica contains taste and cooling elements which can improve body's metabolism to provide effective ways to avoid thinning of hair. It can aid in digestion, and is light and dry in nature. It balances the three vata, pitta and kapha effectively. It has cooling effect on body tissues and can cure infections, inflammation and fever. It can help in reducing tridosaghna and is a rejuvenative herb. It has potent antioxidant effects due to the presence of high levels of vitamin C. A study at niwa Institute of immunology at Japan confirmed that it was a potent scavenger which reduced free radicals and had a very high level of bio components to prevent extreme levels of free scavengers. It is a rejuvenative herb. It can cure infections to skins and worked as antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral agent.

There are other herbs in the medicated oil which can get rid of infections from scalp and can offer effective ways to avoid thinning of hair.

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