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Hope is there when somebody is planning hair transplant as an option to treat this curse. Hair transplant is an ultimate solution for hair bald people. The modern & latest techniques adaptation has revolutionary advancement in the field along with natural results.

This successful and life altering treatment really becomes much popular due to its natural and long lasting aspects among people suffering from hair loss. To avail this long lasting and permanent facility, selection of a reputed center as well hair restoration surgeon in Dubai, can be difficult to choice.


Dubai is a fastest developing city in the world and offers tax free business opportunities, Ideal tourism and ultimate medical facilities. Medical practice is supervised by Dubai Health Authority and strict safety protocols are applicable. However, it's difficult to find best hair transplant surgeon for your hair transplantation. Hair restoration requires an artistic approach and eminent skill to design natural hairline and full time practice for continual progress. Don't rely on part time practitioners. Accept only best for your self-improvement and embrace change. Choose fully dedicated surgeon and center can provide you best natural outcome, hence they restoring looks of people as natural as undetectable.

To avoid any bad experience, read below some significant information which may help your most important self-important decision. We would like to share some involved factors to guide you about this. Guidelines can educate you in choosing a reputed hair transplant center in Dubai to achieve best results. If your choice and decision is right, Life is more exciting and more fulfilling. You will feel the wind in your hair as the reason to choice a dedicated restoration surgeon.

Ask Smart Questions.

  • Surgeon's Membership, Skills, Experience and qualification?
  • Surgeon's training, where from he has?
  • You ask about experience of Hair Technicians as well their qualifications?
  • How they take hair transplant practice, a permanent or part time?
  • Best from the rest, how do you rate your clinic?
  • Ask about different techniques and tools used in procedure?

Do Remember Past Results and References

  • Ask them for the past results, patient had surgeries with them?
  • Request to talk their previous patients directly?

These above asked questions can lead you easily to evaluate the strengths of any Hair Transplant surgeon/clinic. Hair transplant clinic Dubai is a dedicated part of Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation, A professional hair loss and cosmetic plastic services providers in Dubai and India.

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