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Understanding Hair Loss and Balding

Hair loss has to be understood as a common phenomenon that can be avoided as well, suggesting that it is not always obvious. It happens due to our negligence as well in most of the cases. Many times, the lack of awareness about the nature and properties of hair would lead to ignoring the basic care required by the scalp. Care in terms of protection and nutrition are considered to be significant and when care is lacking, it would lead to the fall of hair and subsequently causes balding. Balding can be avoided as well as delayed with enough caution and there are many ways of doing it. The options would in fact range from natural remedies and cosmetic solutions along with herbal treatments.


Care and Nutrition in focus

When enough care is not provided for the hair and scalp, it would result in adversely effecting the formation and sustenance of hair follicles from which the quality hair originates. Nutrition plays an important role in keeping these follicles in a healthy condition to support the scalp with the production cycles. This has its relevance because the follicles are naturally rich in protein composure and vitamin activity would make them more effective and productive. When the routine intake of food and nutritional supplements include rich components of proteins, minerals and vitamins, the possibility of sustaining the follicular activity and growth of hair would be more. It can be obviously understood that when right kind of nutrition is not available for the head scalp, it impacts the nourishment and sustenance of the follicles from time to time.

Along with nutrition, the excessive exposure to the external environment would have its impact on the process of balding. In fact this is one aspect of the scalp's health that could easily contribute to delaying the balding pattern in men and also in women to some extent. Traditionally the though process of suggesting more risk of balding or hair fall in men has found its acceptance around the logic of men working hard and long hours in open environments and climatic conditions. Whether or not such an argument has scientific backing, some way or the other it makes some sense and balding is noted mostly in men. But, there is some reality check to be done here as hair growth and loss are gender neutral and therefore it is not technically wise to attribute any deformity or disorder related with hair loss only to men.

Prospective procedures worth considering

There are many types of hair treatment procedures and the focus in India has mostly been about hair loss treatment options as well as hair thinning treatment procedures. The cities of Bangalore and Mumbai that are popular for representing the urban India along with other locations like Delhi and Chennai have been phenomenally great in terms of accepting the need for awareness and being open to review the benefits of various procedures like Hair Transplant and Mesotherapy, representing the surgical and non-surgical treatments respectively

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