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Today, just like most other cosmetic surgeries, even the Hair transplant in Kolkata is in great demand. You will be astonished to discover that Kolkata is amongst the frontrunner cities in the world that have adopted and started practicing hair transplant method as soon as it was introduced. Though, there are many kinds of Hair loss Treatment in Kolkata, but the popularity of hair transplant supersedes all the other methods. Unlike all the other so called hair loss treatment procedures, the hair transplant procedure grantees results. People from various parts of the world visit the leading cosmetic surgeons in Kolkata and avail the most advanced hair transplant treatment.

These are numerous reasons why, this cosmetic surgery is so popular in Kolkata. First and foremost reason behind this is cheap cost of treatment. The rates of hair transplant surgery in Kolkata are a lot cheaper than any other country in the world. But cheap rates do not mean, that an inferior quality treatment is offered to the patients. On the other hand the leading cosmetic surgeons of the city ensure that world class techniques are used and proper post operative care and assistance is provided to all their patients. Another important reason behind the rise in the popularity of hair transplant surgery in Kolkata is the availability of the reputed cosmetic surgeons.

Kolkata has numerous qualified cosmetic surgeons. Many of these surgeons hold foreign degrees and years of experience beside their name. The city also has many doctors who have practiced in other countries for a fairly long period of time. Availability of highly qualified doctors, who can perform hair transplant procedure in the city at very affordable rates, also makes Kolkata a popular choice. Apart from both these factors, another factor that greatly helps in attracting more patients for hair loss treatment to Kolkata is the introduction of the medical tourism by the Government of India. After its successful implementation, thousands of outsiders have started streaming into India to avail various kinds of cosmetic surgeries. This policy has tremendously helped Kolkata to attain more patients, especially for plastic surgeries.

Gone are the days, when people were compelled to massage various kinds of herbal oils and creams on their scalp and wait endlessly for their lost hair to grow back. Instead of experimenting with various home remedies, you must visit a cosmetic surgeon and benefit from Hair Transplant in Kolkata. The most commonly practiced hair transplant methods for Hair loss Treatment in Kolkata are FUSS, FUE and scalp reduction. In Follicular Unit Strip Surgery or FUSS method, strips of hair are taken from donor area and are planed on the bald patches. The donor areas are then closed with sutures. This process is highly beneficial for patients encountering average to complete baldness, as it allows getting several grafts in a single session. Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is comparatively a new method and in this process the strands of hair are collected from the back and sides of the patient's head and are transplanted on the bald areas in groups from one to four. This process also helps in restoring the natural hair growth on the patient's head. Scalp reduction is rarely performed in Kolkata, as this method is costly and may even result in thinning of scalp hair.

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