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A lot of persons are affected with baldness in which some are trying to live with it, while others are trying to find out the ways to get rid of this problem. It creates very embarrassing condition in important occasions, for people suffering with this aid. The people are trying different solution for this aid such as they are taking medicines, using gels, oils, while some people try to cover up with wigs and toupees. But the best approach to this problem is Hair Transplant.

Hair transplant is surgical hair implantation procedures that need an incision to remove the grafts from the back side of head. Because the balding areas are habitually at the top of the scalp, these extracted grafts from back side will implanted on the top of the balding area.


It is a very delicate process which requires careful precision by hair experts. Doctors used a microscope to make this possible for implanting this graft on head. This process can take more than one session to finish, which depend on the degree of bald area scalp

Hair transplant procedure mainly uses two approaches:

The Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): FUT is the more persistent type of approach since it involves the elimination of a piece of scalp at the back of the head enclosing the donor hair grafts.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): FUE approach uses special instrument i.e. Punch technique to eliminate individual hair grafts.

But, for these approaches, the doctors has to create micro slit on the donor part of head to implant the hair grafts .This creates more strain to the scalp. Due to this reason we have seen that implanted hairs fall off several weeks after the treatment. This stage is called shock loss. But, this will be your hair follicles that are making space for growth of new and improved hair. It is a temporary process we don't have to worry about the implanted hair as they start growing again with new improvements.

As the new hairs are growing continuously we have to take extra care of it. Hair transplant will flourish just as the original follicles with new strong improvement on them.

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