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The first option for any female who is suffering from hair loss would be hair extensions. These can be fitted in two styles, clip in and bonded. You can either use heated glue to fuse the extension to the scalp or weave the same into your own hair. It is, however, important that you buy these from a credible source who can verify the origin of the hair. You should be able to know that yourself either by looking at the label or the standards of quality markings. The clip in extension are generally supplied as a set of four wefts. They are of different sizes and should be applied, starting from the neck up to the ear. The main advantage of clip-in hair extensions would be that they put less stress of the existing follicles and can be worn or removed within minutes, without expert help. The bonded extensions, however, require the same treatment as real hair, including shampoo and conditioners. Moreover, one should be careful not to put too much stress on the follicles near the bondage. However, extensions are not very effective in hiding bald spots. They are good for adding thickness to existing or for making an even distribution across the scalp.

Many women who are suffering from heavy hair loss find that extensions are not really effective in their cases. However, there are many sophisticated wigs which are lightweight as well as provide full coverage. These wigs look very natural and enhance the hair incredibly. Clients can choose from hundreds of styles in different shades, styles, hair textures and hair length to wear. There are ready-to-wear artificial wigs, real human wigs and custom made wigs which would fit in like new natural hair. Monofilament top wigs are the best when it comes to looking natural but they are costly as well.

However, not everyone is suffering from overall hair loss and some women might develop a tiny bald spot somewhere on their head. In these cases, wearing a wig doesn't make sense. You can still cover your bald spot without covering your whole head using, what we call, hair toppers. Hundreds of designs of real human hair toppers in UK are available for you to choose from. They will fit in with the existing and cover the bald spot effectively. You can select a topper which matches your style, texture and shade perfectly.

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