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If you are really anxious to wear a wig that looks entirely authentic, you may not wish to look at the human hair wigs. As the name suggests, these wigs are made up to 100% authentic human hair and also offer a great appearance of being a lot more realistic when comparing to the wigs made with the completely synthetic materials. In addition, they are also blessed with a similar natural texture and luster, and will certainly get windblown, frizzy or messy when outside in the less than a completely favourable weather conditions similar as normal hair.

Here are some great advantages of human hair wigs.


Look natural – Such wigs in human are capable of looking completely natural and also appear quite smooth and glossy. In addition, the touch of your natural hair is indeed better and also feels exactly the same as your real hair. Moreover, synthetic wigs tend to feel quite dry and also hard when you touch it.

Different types of designs – Whether the preferred appearance is shaggy, layered or long, such wigs can be easily styled, in order to match perfectly with a specific look. This is certainly much the same as having a full head of hair with design options are certainly limitless. Such type of wig is quite easy to style and also can be easily crimped, flat-ironed, curled or blow-dried. There is certainly a great possibility of coloring your hair, which is indeed perfect for those people looking to undergo a complete change in style.

Replacing your existing hair – Those who remorse a short cutting, the human hair is something that generally makes a perfect short-term solution until the natural hair grown to a more acceptable length. Alternatively, for those people that have lost their hair as a result of health issues like chemotherapy treatment, the wig offers some of the confidence back and also makes it quite easier to get back completely for enjoying their regular activities.

Any disadvantages

Though there are numerous reasons of choosing the natural human hair wigs ahead of the synthetic options, there are some disadvantages as that may be worth mentioning. For instance, wigs made up of original materials are quite similar as real one in humid weather and also can start to fizz or curl. As far as color of hair is concerned, it generally starts to fade especially when exposed to strong sunlight, though some users generally prefer such natural color change. Besides, the hair is less resilient and also more likely to break after repeated heat styling, back-combing or general harsh brushing.

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