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The hair extension weave is a familiar term to most of the people as they all are willing to enhance their personality by strengthening their hairstyle.

Everyone knows that shiny locks play a crucial role in terms of boosting your personality. In the lack of luscious, thick and soft strands, you cannot imagine to look that much prettier. Whether you are suffering from a medical related problem or your hair does not have natural luster, the hair extension weave is the perfect solution for you. Every type of hair curly, thin, sparse or ethic can be changed into your dream hairstyle.


People who aspire to have appealing hair integration, but do not have any idea about the extension must collect some useful information. They must know that usually there are two kinds of extensions including wefts and strands. If we discuss health tresses, then these are applied in the form of 20 to 50 strands of natural or synthetic weaving using the techniques such as heat fusing, clamping, weaving, gluing. These are also fixed with the use of polymers and waxes. On the other hand, wefts are woven into the braid of your own hair at the same time putting across your scalp.

With both types of hair weaving, it is possible to attain incomparable results, but there are some considerable differences between these two hair integrations:

Factors associated with strands:

  • This hair installation looks good, but also cause damage to your natural hair as the techniques used in this weaving are based on chemical means.
  • Some of the techniques apparently indicate the associated damage by their names like gluing or heat fusing.
  • It is true that these types of extensions do not cost much, but they require a substantial cost for maintenance and usually one has to get them re-done every month.

Know about wefts:

  • These are called the best extension weave, where the wefts connect together at the top and flowing freely at the bottom.
  • This type of extension is woven into your braid with utmost care, the used technique is natural and your installation remains invisible until you show it yourself.
  • Due to your natural hair growth, you need to visit to your salon for the sake of putting them back into your scalp.

Why people go crazy after hair extension weave!

  1. Weaves are available in various lengths and shades. As these come from the donors of having different ethnicities and races so one can expect to have Brazilian, Bolivian and Malaysian hair immediately.
  2. These are simple and quick to get installed if you go to a reliable professional. It is just a matter of a few hours or even less.
  3. The weaves come with a promise to last up to three months, but they can go longer if maintained with the utmost care.
  4. You can simply say goodbye to curling, straightening and blow drying as weaving help you get any of these styles without damaging your natural hair.

Whichever hair extension you choose, make sure that you get from a trusted company. The reason behind it is that you can expect to get your desired extension at affordable cost and quality.

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