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Additional Hair Care Information:

As we all known that whether human hair wigs or chemical fiber hair, it will be contaminated and become dirty when used for a long time. Therefore, it is very important to care and wash wigs. Besides, you'd better to underlay a hairnet before wear wigs, which is beneficial to fixed and easy to clean.

Generally, the hairnet should be washed two to three months and wigs should be cleaned one to two months, and this is according to the frequency of the wearing. Before washing, we need to use coarsely toothed soft brush or dilute tooth wooden comb to gently comb the wig from top to bottom and clean the dirt and dust. After that we put the wig into warm water solution of a detergent (water temperature is 25-30), after 10 minutes' soaking, gently rinse wig and comb the attachment. It should be noted that you must not scrub wigs in the water and that will make the hair fell off and broken. At last, rinse the wig by clear water and use dry towel to wipe gently the moisture absorbing in the wig. Moreover, we can besmear a little hair cream for wig and then hang it in ventilated place with natural air. After drying, fixed hair curler or blow finalize the design, if you do not frequently use, it is suitable to seal collection with plastic bag.

In addition, according to the requirement of users, wigs can be trimmed and dyed to sort out satisfactory hairstyle like really hair. Every time when wearing, you can use spareribs brush and dilute tooth big wooden comb gently comb needed hair style. One other thing to pay attention to is do not spray on the wig with gel water, pomade which use of real hair conditioner, this will let wig become sticky greasy. Wig special non oily maintenance liquid is very good; spraying some on wigs can make hair soft bright and prevent static electricity. With regard to the long wig, when combing the hair, you should divide several sections and from the bottom up, gently and carefully grooming.

OK, the above is my personal opinion of wig care. Because wigs just like our clothes or handbags, which need your careful protect to keep for long. Hope my opinion will help you and wig will make you more beautiful.

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