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Frizzy hair is one of the most irritating hair problems for women. How much ever we comb and how much ever we apply smoothening products like oil and serum, frizzy curls does not get away easily. Due to this, even a bright looking face looks dull because of your hair. Frizzy hair makes your curls rough and lifeless. Hence, is very much important to tame these damaged curls. This is because, frizzy curls causes several problems like hair fall, split ends and sometimes dandruff. In order to get rid of frizzed curls easily, one must first understand what causes it.

Causes of Frizzy Hair


When trying to understand the facts about the reasons of frizzy hair, one cannot just point out a single reason that makes your hair damaged. Here are some of the most possible reasons that may cause dull and damaged curls.

1) Summer Season – Frizzy curls most frequently occurs in the summer season where your hair loses all its moisture and the strands appear swollen. This is considered as one of the most common reasons for frizzy curls.

2) Staying Dehydrated Spoils Hair – Water is an important element that keeps you hydrated. Having enough content of water not only keeps your body healthy but your scalp. Hence avoid dehydration and drink plenty of water to keep your curls glossy and healthy.

3) Improper Use of Shampoo – Many girls have the practice of frequently applying shampoo to their curls. When shampoo is applied too frequently, your curls becomes dry. This in turn causes frizzines. Hence it is very much important to use proper shampoo at right time and at right quantity.

4) Too Much of Travel – Women who are into frequent travel are prone to frizzy hair. Hence while travelling, it is important to protect both your skin and curls to keep it healthy.

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How to Eliminate Friziness?

Frizzy hair is not something which is irreversible. When following right techniques, it is easy to get rid of frizzy hair. One of such easy and effective techniques is to go for Keratin treatments. Professional curls Smoothing Treatment is done by many salons which deal with frizzy curls in an effective way. Keratin treatment is a class of treatment which is serviced by many parlors for unmanageable curls. However, one must be careful in choosing the best salon for best results.

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