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Growth of undesired body hair in women specifically, is highly detested. Thankfully though, there are various solutions one can adopt to get rid of this problem but what is unfortunate is that not all of these solutions are easy or effective.

Some of the commonly chosen hair removal solutions include waxing, shaving, tweezing and using depilatories. However, depending on the quality of body hair that varies from person to person, the efficiency rate of these solutions may vary too. While all of us have experienced our own unique pros and cons by using these solutions, one of the most commonly shared problems is of hair re-growing just within a few weeks or even days of getting them removed.


Considering this prevalent problem amongst women who do not wish to undergo the tedious and complex processes of electrolysis and laser to get permanent benefits but desire to keep their body parts hair free for longer duration can breathe a sigh of relief now as Skin Doctors Products have introduced in their range 2 specific products that can help women fight out such body hair related problems.

This brand though originally a pioneer in the industry of skin care products, has gained immense popularity for providing effective hair removal solutions as well. Following mentioned are two of its specific products that can help women with the same cause.

Skin Doctors Hair Spray

While all women love to maintain hair-free, smooth skin at all times, not many of them enjoy hitting salons twice every month to get waxing done nor do they enjoy shaving every other day. For such women, this product is an apt solution to impair growth of undesired hair.


So how does this product really work? This spray is a unique formula which when directed to the desired area works by suffocating the hair follicles, thereby weakening the growth. This evnetually results in gradual but effective reduction in the hair growth. What's more? If you originally have dark and coarse growth, regular use of this product can change the appearance of your re-growing hair by making them lighter and thinner.

Another positive feature of this product is that it is formulated using naturally occurring ingredients and herbal moisturizers which along with making it effective also make it a safe solution.

To enjoy such positive results from using this product, just spray a fine mist of the spray over the body part you wish to treat and massage to let the ingredients absorb into the skin. Do it twice daily for the first week and then once daily thereafter.

Skin Doctors Hair No More System

This system is one of the most advanced hair removal and inhibiting solutions out there. This easy to use, safe and super effective system includes a hair removal cream and inhibiting spray.

How does this system work? As specified above, this system includes two solutions in one pack, which are hair removal cream and inhibiting spray. Talking about the cream specifically, it contains Calcium Thioglycolate, which provides its depilatory action by breaking down keratin (natural protein that makes up most of our hair) to give instant results.

Hair removal spray on the other hand, should be applied after depilation with the cream. Along with impairing the growth by penetrating deep into the follicles to retard the cells, this spray also works as an antiseptic and healing agent.

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