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Hairfall, split ends, and other forms of damage are common in today's world. The chemicals from beauty products, coloring and streaks and the other kinds of processing that the people of today's generation are putting their hair through, have an adverse effect on them and make them very unhealthy in the long run.

But as is with most parts of your body, your hair can be made nourishing and healthier without having to resort to expensive shampoos or conditioners that only make them worse in the long run. Simple household materials can be whipped together to make sure that, with over short term use, you can be restored properly to their beautiful state. Some of the ways in which you can make your hair look better and be healthier are given below:


1.) Diet: What you eat plays a very important part in making your hair look better. For normal hair, eat foods like fish, dal, sprouts, and chicken. For oily hair, eat foods like green leafy vegetables, salads, fresh fruits, and yogurt. For dry hair, eat foods like raw vegetables, pulses, bananas, nuts, and vitamin E capsules.

2.) Eggs as conditioners: Eggs are one of the best available natural conditioners for your hair, as they are rich in protein and other nutrients. Apply whipped eggs on your hair and rinse with lukewarm water for best results.

3.) Lemon juice and olive oil: If you suffer from itchy scalp, apply a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil on your head for a bit to get relief.

4.) Honey and olive oil: If your hair has been damaged by the sun and pollution, a mixture of honey and olive oil works wonders on them.

5.) Beer and egg: Sounds unnatural? A mixture of beer and whipped egg can make your flat or limp hair get more volume, and thus make them not only look better, but also healthier.

Most of these treatments are household treatments that can work for damaged hair and give them a fuller, sleek look, which will improve their health and beauty. But not all damage caused to hair is reversible by these simple methods. If you are worried about excessive damage to your hair, you might have to consult a specialist regarding it. One of the best options to consider for the treatment of hair related problems is the KRIMS hospital, located in Nagpur. Owing to its prime location in Central India, KRIMS is easily accessible to all parts of Maharashtra and its neighbouring states. The dermatology department at KRIMS offers comprehensive services for hair fall, male pattern baldness, and other hair related symptoms. Experts in the field are available at the hospital to make sure that your problems are well sorted and taken care of. Besides hair, the department of Dermatology at KRIMS also deals with treating disorders of the skin, nails, leprosy, and other similar problems. For more information, visit

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