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Can you use omega-3 fatty acids for hair growth? If by chance many of the articles I've looked at are anything to go by, fish oil is the magical solution for baldness which man has actually been looking to find for quite a number of years already. In reality however, there's no doubt in my mind that it's a different matter entirely.

Regardless how much fish oil you have every single day, it is not going to make your hair grow once more if for example you are a victim of male pattern baldness. In the event it could, there would be no hairless folks, so disregard something you may have read some where else.


Occasionally however, fish oil can certainly improve hair regrowth. A good example of this is where baldness is a consequence of seborrheic dermatitis. This is mostly the grown-up equivalent of cradle cap, which happens to be a disorder that comes about when yeast living on the scalp prey on excess sebum being generated within the skin. Whenever the yeast eat this, the sebum grow to be tacky, and if action is not taken, it might strangle the hair follicles, and of course the outcome is hair loss.

Increasing your intake of B vitamins is likely to put a stop to seborrheic dermatitis, most especially when you also minimize your fat consumption and protein consumption. This is when fish oil enters the game. Top quality fish oil is likely to end inflammation that has brought about from the dermatitis, and this in turn makes it much easier for new hair to grow.

A large number of fish oil supplement manufacturers suggest that their supplements help to increase hair regrowth, however I am certainly not prepared to put my name to that since such claims are based on theory instead of on scientific facts. Little to no clinical trials have yet been undertaken to understand precisely what effect fish oil has on a person's hair.

Oil from fish certainly does typically improve the general appearance of your hair though. If your hair is in fact dull and lifeless, and you have typically not been getting fish oil supplementation, you will discover a remarkable improvement if you do start taking a high-quality supplement. It most definetley works the same with cats or dogs, so if you're feeling a little cynical, start giving your cat and/or dog some fish oil, and observe how gorgeous their coats will appearance after about the first few weeks.

If you're a guy, and you happen to have already dropped most of your hair on account of your age, then no, I wouldn't recommend fish-oil for hair growth, however if you have all your hair, or at least most of it, then I will say you should start getting fish oil supplements. After all, you have nothing to forfeit, however you stand to gain a great deal given that fish oil can certainly do a lot for your health and fitness, and especially your heart.

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