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The common non surgical treatments

The hair loss treatment can be primarily differentiated under two headings, the surgical treatment and the non surgical treatments. The names throw light on the details of the treatments. The non surgical is devoid of any kind of surgery. There are many people who do not want to undergo surgery at any cost but still want to improve the growth of hair. For them, the non surgical treatments are worth their weight in gold.


Introduction to the popular Non Surgical treatments

The fact that these treatments and therapies are far away from the use of scalpel, makes them very popular. Over the years, the results yielded and the success achieved has placed these non surgical treatments safely in the hearts of the patients. Mesotherapy and PRP treatment are two of the prime non surgical treatments.


It is a popular hair restoring therapy. The salient features of it are scripted as under.

  • This doesn't involve any surgery.
  • The word “meso” indicates the middle layer of the skin, which is below the epidermis.
  • The therapy involves injections on the superficial part of the scalp.
  • The injected solution consists of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and nucleic acids.
  • This mix acts as a stimulant for the mesoderm.
  • The need of local anesthesia and dressing is nil.
  • The mix provides the proper nourishment for the hair follicles.
  • The blood circulation around the hair follicles is enhanced.
  • DHT, which is detrimental to the follicles, is neutralized by the nourishment.
  • The treatment is free of any kind of pain or side effects.
  • Individuals can almost immediately go back to work without any petulance.
  • Results have proved that these are more effective than any tablets or medicine.

These striking features have contributed towards the popularity this treatment has achieved till date. Another popular treatment for loss of hair is the PRP Therapy.

Platelet rich plasma therapy

The distinguishing and striking features of this therapy are as under.

  • This is also a non surgical treatment
  • This involves the injecting of the plasma into the scalp.
  • The plasma is of the same individual whose therapy is conducted.
  • The blood plasma contains factors which promote growth.
  • This hair restoration is safe for both men and women.
  • The treatment is totally natural.
  • Treatment involves more than one sitting.
  • The time taken ranges between 60 to 90 minutes.
  • It is a very safe therapy and devoid of any pain.

All the non surgical therapies and treatments are done with extreme precision by experience doctors at the renowned hair clinics.

The hair transplant is a popular surgical method in which the hair follicles are extracted from a part of body which historically has no traces of baldness, and is planted on the required place. The prime factor of a transplant is that the donor hair should be genetically resistant to thinning.

The non surgical treatments have truly surprised a lot of people and pleasantly so.

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