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Therefore, once a person gets to suffer from severe issues like hair loss, then he/she get deeply worried and troubled as well as it also brings down their level of confidence and notably effect almost each and every facet of their life. However, luckily there are some ways like use of jamaican black castor oil to promote the growth of hair is absolutely natural way.

Proper Nutrition


The term “Proper Nutrition” in this particular aspect of hair loss does not only refers to nourishment of only one hormone that is supposed to grow hair but it implies sustenance of whole body of the human that ultimately makes certain that each and every section of the body receives sufficient amount of vitamins and nutrients that it needs to function and perform well. Healthy diet that contains food like lean meat, fresh vegetables and fruits will adequately supply all those nutrients and minerals which are essential for colorproof hair to grow.


Hair which is present in all parts of the body especially head's hair are made up of protein which means those persons who are experiencing hair loss issues got to consume a good amount of protein. Usually the people who are trying to lose their weight in a swift manner or persons with anorexia nervosa also undergo prominent stunt in growth of colorproof hair. Some reliable and easily available sources from where you can acquire good amount of protein are soy products, eggs, nuts, beans, chickens and turkey. Kismera is also a dandy product to utilize in this matter.


Most of the folks do not know that there are two types of fats that our body can produce. One is good for diet while the good types of fat are those which are necessary for body to perform various functions effectively. The intake of moderate quantity of fats will assist in maintaining nice fresh skin and it also supplements the growth of hair. In point of fact, fats are those tissues of body that have capability to store energy that human get from diet like vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin D and vitamin A. Perilous fats that everyone should avoid are hydrogenated, saturated fats and tans fatty acids. Human body friendly fats are Omega 3 fatty acids that can be obtained from sources like marine foods, plant oils and jamaican black castor oil.

Zinc & Iron

Iron makes sure the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to each and every cell of our body. It is a complete cycle that starts from the blood vessels which are present in toes to the follicles of hair. The highly recommendable source to get large amount of iron is lean meat whereas you can also depend upon Kismera in this affair. Zinc is also another important mineral whose function is to repair tissues of the body which get damaged due to different diseases. Squash seeds, wheat germ and oysters provide decent amount of zinc.

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