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One of the most common problems faced by the people all around the globe is hair thinning. Various causes, both temporary and permanent, account for this loss. The transaction from thick to thin hair takes a good amount of time where one loses specific amount of strands every day. Dermatologists suggest that this thinning can be prevented if proper action is taken at the first signs of thinning. The natural products and remedies are available to help the process of re growth of the strands back on the scalp. However, in severe cases, one is left with costlier methods of hair treatment like weaving, transplant and many others.
The things that cause the thickness of the scalp to reduce can be genetic or non genetic. The genetic causes are generally permanent ones, also known as 'patterned balding.' The non genetic causes can be due to:

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  1. Lack of proper nutrition in the body, that is, malnutrition. This malnutrition is also the cause for unhealthy hair since the follicles and strand roots on the scalp derive their nutrition from the food we intake. So, one must have nutritious food, specifically rich in Vitamin B and few minerals like zinc and magnesium, to avoid these problems.
  2. For women, pregnancy is an important cause for these problems. This happens because during pregnancy, the overall hormonal balance is changed in women. Menopause is also in important phase of similar problems. These are temporary causes and immediate action taken on a regular basis helps to overcome this problem.
  3. Excessive dandruff on the scalp is an important cause for thinning. The dandruff makes the roots dry. The dry roots in turn become weak and break off easily. Thus, this problem is also a temporary one and can be immediately treated with simple natural products like lemon juice, gently massaged all over the scalp.
  4. Excessive stress in professional or personal life can cause the thinning. It is therefore advised to stay happy and cheerful to maintain the thick and beautiful tresses.
  5. Over use of dryer and other materials that radiate heat to the scalp has adverse effects. These products make the scalp dry. Therefore the moisture required by the hair follicles for proper growth and nourishment becomes absent causing their breakage. Thus one must avoid the regular drying and straightening. The use of commercial synthetic products on the scalp should also be stopped. Only natural products should be used to get thick and bouncy hair.
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