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Dandruff is not a disease but a problem for many whose treatment becomes a priority in most of the cases. To treat something, it is very important to make sure that you are choosing the right solution for the right problem. Most of the times people have dry scalp and they treat it as dandruff which can multiply their hair problems. If you have it, then you should think about how to cure dandruff. Women hate it when they have to face such a mess and that is why here are some of the best ways to remove dandruff among women.

Remedies to remove dandruff or women


1. Shampooing is important- This does not mean that you should shampoo everyday because this will remove the natural oil of the scalp. Many people are of the impression that if you shampoo less then it will lead to lesser dandruff which is totally wrong. You need to shampoo adequately to remove the unwanted oil created by dirt and pollution. Shampoo will help in removing the layer of dead cells which leads to dandruff.

2. Salting it- Salt has always been used in enhancing the taste of our food but little did we know that it can work perfectly in removing dandruff. Its crystals works as mild exfoliators which removes the excessive oil and dry skin from the scalp in just one go. Once the top dead layer of cells is removed, the shampoo and conditioner will be able to sink in well and do their work in nourishing the hair.

3. Tea tree oil- Tea tree oil can help you in keeping the excessive oil away from your scalp. When the leaves are broken down then it results in accumulation of oil which contains fungicidal properties which work well for removing dandruff and also keep a check on its recurrence.

4. Healthy food- healthy hair- Eating a healthy diet is very important for keeping the whole body happy. It helps in curing most of the problems of the skin, hair and other parts of the body. A number of foods can help you in getting rid of dandruff. Be aware of fatty foods as they can cause more complications for you in any aspect. Consume food like vegetables, fish oil and lean proteins as they work best to fight against dandruff.

5. Make sun your friend- The real reason behind this is truly known but there are a few assumptions and cases where exposure of sunlight on the scalp of a dandruff bearing person has lessened it in just a few days. Maybe it helps in drying up the excessive oil which is the real reason behind the occurrence of dandruff. Give this trick a try and maybe it could work for you.


How to cure dandruff can be big question mark for women because for them handling their long hair is not exactly a fun ride. Try some of the above remedies and the results will be visible in just a few weeks.

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