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In the earlier times there were no chemical based or synthetic formulas for Haircare. Only Herbal hair care with natural ingredients existed. Oils, conditioners, soaps were made at home and concocted from herbs. Different herbs were used for different purposes. Ingredients from the kitchens and gardens were used according to their properties. Oils were concocted, massaged into the scalp then washed with as much care as the rest of the body. This in turn resulted in healthy lustrous till the end of their lives.

In the modern 'on- the -go' world, women have hardly any time to take care of themselves. Juggling between career and family leaves no time for personal care. Of course hair care is the last on the priority list. Today's woman wants to look stylish and smart. Being the first impression, is subjected to heat styling, hair colour/dye, chemical-laden shampoos, conditioners etc. Temporary looks lead to permanent damage.


In a world where people are time strapped come damage causing, ready to use, bottled formulas called shampoos, conditioners, nutrients – all manufactured chemically. There are other ways to damage hair, like a swim in chlorinated water or being exposed to harsh UV rays. Ageing too plays a major and irreversible factor in damage. Most significant causes of hair damage are the chemicals in our shampoos, conditioners and colours.

Hair care has to start early in life to give the lasting strength, quality and health. Research has found that the traditional herbal hair care is the best way to nourish hair, control hair fall and dandruff. Keep healthy hair throughout.

Natural and organic products are best for the crowning glory. So grandmother's herbal recipes are being researched into and adapted to suit the modern times.

At Anoo's the best of the best natural products are being processed to make pure, natural and healthy herbal hair care products. Organic oils with multiple natural ingredients like gooseberry, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, conditioners with henna, and colorants with Indigo.

Last but not the least healthy natural organic supplements like proteins, vitamins and keratin incorporated into the diet will complete the herbal hair care treatment.

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