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There would be no one, who would accept that h/she is okay, even if they do not have shiny hair. But the sad truth is that there are many, who struggle with hair concerns on a day-to-day basis.

Well, it might sound strange to some, but it's a fact that there are countless kitchen remedies that works magically against all sorts of hair problems. Be it a serum or conditioner, your kitchen is the one place, wherein you would find remedies against all sort of hair problems. You do not really need to hop in to one store to the other in terms of searching effective remedies. Application of chemical based shampoos for hair treatment, no matter how expensive they are, nothing can pay you as effectively as natural ingredients would do.


Honey and olive oil: once honey and olive oil are mixed in equal proportion and applied to hair as a conditioner, this gives magical results. This procedure has to be followed for about half a month in order to observe its results. There's no point in doing this for a day or so and regret its usage.

Lemon: recommended as an ayurvedic treatment, lemon adds lustre to hair. Thus, to get off dull and flaky hair, you should use lemon, post shampooing. Even if you do not observe the effective results instantly, no worries. You'll feel the difference within few hours. It acts as a pacifier against roughness and thus, would definitely give you beneficial results.

Banana with milk: though it's going to be a tough time handling something like this, but will definitely give make you feel worth it within a few days. It's sticky and this is why, mixing mashed banana with milk and then applying it on scalp will serve the purpose.

Below mentioned are a few handy tips and tricks that should enable you to avail advantages of lustrous hair:

Grate fresh ginger and mix a tbsp. of honey in it and gulp it down with warm water on a daily basis.

Instead of encouraging usage of chemical-based shampoos, encourage usage of organic ones as these are chemical free and thus, wont damage the texture in any way.

Pouncing on junk food is bearable to a certain extent. Junk food affects adversely and ruins the overall health and hair is a no exception. It equally ruins hair texture and makes it look flaky and dry, which would be the last thing to wish for.

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