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People all over the world have been enjoying a cup of coffee, each morning to energise their mind and body. The coffee kick enables them to feel energised and whenever they feel their energy levels dropping, yet another cup of coffee, takes it right up there, once again. However, little did people know that the same coffee could also revitalise the hair follicles.

German scientist Dr Adolf Klenk was the one to discover that coffee could stimulate hair follicles too, which is probably why he has now developed a brand new range of shampoos and conditioners, which contain caffeine, and these are meant to help stop hair loss. There are a growing number of people who are at risk of losing all their hair, because of a range of reasons, including genetics, poor hair care methods, improper diet, medical procedures and even stress.


Recently, a study was conducted at the Institute for Dermatology, Lubeck University, Germany and the same was also published in the reputed British Journal of Dermatology. The study showed that caffeine could not only stimulate hair growth, but also strengthen the very root of each hair. Dr. Klenk was at the centre of this study, who is currently associated with the Dr Wolff Group.

It is interesting to note that Klenk actually started experimenting in this field, in 2004 and at that time, it was an independent research. Through his constant experimentation, he was able to come to the conclusion was that caffeine could actually help those who were combating severe hair loss. In the period since, Klenk has been able to become more confident about his research and has successfully assessed the effects of caffeine on the hair follicles.

The idea was simply coincidence:

Dr. Klenk was of the opinion that all scientists are driven by the single fact that there is a problem that has not been solved, and for him, the unsolved problem was hair loss. His experimentation into using caffeine to combat hair loss was actually nothing more than a confidence. He had an inherent interest in natural chemistry and the interest only grew when he did extensive research for his thesis into the benefits of the neem tree. It was at that point that his interest started diverting into other natural ingredients, which would help solve problems of the human body.

He got this idea that just like neem is great for the human body, even caffeine would work well, which is when he started looking into using coffee to revitalise hair follicles that have become dormant. He realised that caffeine could be the power supply that was required to accentuate hair growth. This is when he started seeing the possibility of supporting the hair roots, with the energy generated from the caffeine.

Like other hair specialists, Klenk too is of the opinion that losing 40 to 50 hair a day is normal and nothing to be worried about, but anything more than that and there could be a very possible risk of a person going completely or at least partially bald. Given that he himself had the genetic makeup of losing hair at a young age, he knew the emotional effect that hair loss could have on the psyche of a person. He had seen his brother losing hair, when he was in his 20s, and this spurred him on to look at options which could allow for regrowth of hair. With his experiments, he was actually able to reduce the loss of hair and there was even regrowth observed.

The emotional impact that hair loss can have:

The loss of hair often has a tough emotional impact on not just women, but also men, and in many cases, it leads to more serious mental conditions, such as depression and anxiety. Klenk mentioned that in order to assess the risk of severe hair loss, it was important to look at the paternal line, because if the father or grandfather have had hair loss, then there is quite the chance of it passing down to the next generations as well.

In most cases, a head full of hair is often associated with youth and vitality, which is why losing hair, and that too at a young age, is a reason for despair for many. While there are options such as hair transplant, weaves and wigs, it would be better to stop the hair loss, before it crosses that red line of danger.

However, there is a warning for athletes:

Although the shampoos and conditioners that have been developed by Klenk have a 'safe and efficient' amount of caffeine, there was a warning issued for athletes. As a matter of fact, in 2012, the manufacturers of the products issued a proper warning that the caffeine content could lead to a doping related issue. This warning was issued despite the fact that coffee had been removed from the prohibited list by the World Anti-Doping agency, but the misuse of this much loved beverage is still being monitored.

It is interesting to note that sportsmen are more prone to baldness and hair loss, mainly because of their physical routines, wherein they are constantly working out or straining their body. In addition, their diet might be designed more to create muscle, as opposed to nourishing the body.

While drinking coffee might not have much of an effect on hair loss, in its molecular form, it has shown great results, because the molecules enter the human system through the pores on the scalp.

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