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The problem

It is quite natural that our hairs will lose its shine and original colors as we grow old. There are several reasons behind that – some of them being natural causes and are inevitable, while others are artificially induced and accelerate the ageing process for our hairs in particular. We can do very little about the natural processes, especially without draining a lot of money for arresting the effects on a temporary basis. But we can definitely try and achieve remarkable effects by totally abandoning the artificial processes that are based on harmful chemicals and dyes.


When the global scenario is taken into consideration, black or brown is the most common and natural hair color. It is followed by golden hair color, which is called the blonde style. People of the European or American origin or having some connection with these continents have the spectacular golden hair and they have been the favorites of many movie makers, authors and other celebrities as characters in their fictitious creation or in their real lives as partners and spouses. Quite evidently, due to the ability to capture the fantasy of many, there has been a beeline of hair care and beauty cosmetics for the blondes.

The natural way

There are tons of artificial hair related products available for the black hairs, brown hairs and the golden hairs, because of the reasons mentioned above. However, there is also another sect of people, though less in number when compared with the former prominent categories, but significant nonetheless. These people have red colors in their hair right from their birth. However, the term red here refers to a shade that has a reddish or orange hue on a brown base, and should not be taken as a shade that is strictly red.

Unfortunately, this category doesn't have much commercial product to pamper them with. Even if they have, it is not actually up to the mark or standard for the other shades. But this can be a boon in disguise for people with red hair. For the apparent lack of product variety and price range, people with red hair can use the home made, organic and herbal remedies for their hair and skin care.

The method for Red Hair

Such measures are less known and different people have different opinion. But in this article, some of the most standardized ones are given.

The main ingredient for the process is red hibiscus tea. The natural red color in the leaves is the best way to highlight your hair or style them with a few streaks. To start the process, first boil some water in a pot and put 4 – 5 bags of red hibiscus tea bags in the boiling water. Allow the tea to mix well with the water and keep the mixture unstirred for half an hour. Before applying the mixture to your hair, ensure that your hair is clean and dry. Apply the mixture and leave it intact for 60 minutes. Once the time is over, rinse your hair with a good quality shampoo and wash it. Also, it is important to allow the hair to dry naturally and not use any artificial process like a hair dryer.

Things to remember

Modern research reveals that the methods and processes explained above are far less harmful than the so called branded hair care products that one can procure from a beauty product supplier. In fact, the retail chain have been established in such a manner that you will be convinced about the effectiveness of the artificial products that you can buy from a salon or a store selling hair and beauty products. But keep in mind the fact that no matter which actor or model endorses the brand, science doesn't lie.

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