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Getting rid of acne is a competent skin care. Special wisdom is not required to act on all the known principles of care – to clean the skin, moisturize and nourish it. You only need to remember that the treatment of acne individually, each requires its own type of skin care recipes, so you need to choose a face mask, which in addition, that helps remove pimples, relieve inflammation.

Proper treatment of acne should always be carried out comprehensively. As a rule, only a doctor (dermatologist or beautician) after the causes of acne will help get rid of acne and make skin clean. The doctor conducts restoration and cleaning procedures for the skin, restores hormonal balance, making cleaning and face masks. Also put pressure on their own acne is not recommended, even with a strong desire to avoid infection.


General recommendations

Preventive skin care. In order to understand how to get rid of acne, it is necessary to properly care for the skin. And to do it well, it is necessary to begin to determine your skin type, and then choose the means to care for skin. Regardless of skin type, it definitely needs a cleansing, nutrition and hydration.

Washing. It's not uncommon on the boards to get rid of acne can be heard on the need of repeated washing. But, in fact it is the wrong approach, it does not allow to get rid of acne, because acne – this is the result of excessive production of skin oil glands of fat, and whose functions are to moisture and protect skin. Frequent washing, washes away this protection, and thereby causes the gland to work again and again, increasing the amount allocated to them fat. As a result, washing does not lead to a decrease and an increase in the number of pimples.

Therefore, to maintain skin in good condition is sufficient to wash 2-3 times a day. Also, too frequent shaving too causes severe inflammation of the skin; causing acne can be exacerbated.

Wash can be used as ordinary water, and with the addition of small amounts of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. This mixture is well nourishes the skin. But we must be careful, the solution must be very weak, so as not to dry up the skin. In the morning you can wipe the face with ice. The ice is taken either normal, or you can freeze the broth of chamomile.

Peeling. It is not recommended to do frequent exfoliation of skin. It is also not advisable to frequently and deeply cleanse the skin, especially compounds with small particles of abrasive. Instead of cleaning the contrary, they strongly irritate the skin, and then get rid of acne becomes more difficult. It is recommended to use only soft gel funds.

Steam baths. Steam baths open the pores and contribute to the horn tries. To get rid of acne steam bath is recommended to make 1 – 2 times a week.

Need to pour boiling water into a bowl and tilt your head over it, throw a towel on top. Duration 10 – 15 minutes. You can add water to baking soda. Once a person should be washed with hot soapy water, then rinse with very cold water. Cold water will narrow pores. Then wipe the face with a soft towel and rub one percent alcoholic solution of salicylic acid.

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