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Hair transplant and hair regrowth have almost become synonymous in the context of hair growth and care. This is just a reflection of the global success that has guaranteed the possibilities of its repeat in India cities including Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. These are some of the most prominent cities that share their passion for healthcare especially when it comes to newer concepts, techniques and possibilities. It can be understood that these are the concepts which will become the norms and standard protocols one day, but not many medical centers and healthcare facilities would want to absorb the new and latest practices readily. They are the followers in general who wait and watch for the new practices to become more popular and standardized. These are different viewpoints in general that must be respected. On the contrary, looking at the reason behind many people shifting their focus from transplant procedures towards mesotherapy, it is but natural to assume that there should be a very sound reason behind such a paradigm shift.

But interestingly, the experts caution about misplaced representation of these two procedures that have their own identity, process, methodology and outcomes. So, to be fair to the medical thought process, it is only better if we can view these two treatment procedures as exclusive ones that in fact provide more options and choice to the patients. If this is the scenario, the choice could be about deciding between a transplant option which involves minimally invasive surgical procedure and the alternative which is non-surgical in its nature of treatment. This is only one way of looking at it. The second way of looking at these two advanced options of treatment is to categorically classify them with preventive and revival purposes.

If one chooses to make such a distinction, mesotherpay can be introduced at an early stage of hair care and management process with medical attention. It could be done from the time thinning of hair or an early hair fall is noticed. It can prevent hair fall or loss of hair at random manner by improving the quality of blood circulation in the scalp region which indeed is attributed to the vitamin boost that a patient can get. In the same way, the advantages of hair transplant could be established with its potential and credibility to help reviving the scalp's ability to result in hair regrowth process. This is done by implying grafting techniques which involve a simple method of gathering healthy hair follicles and implanting them in the regions that need attention, typically the areas where the hair growth has suspended. So, it could be concluded that the idea of an alternative treatment is not only to avoid the risk of treatment, it has a lot t do with providing more options to all people concerned that would include the patients as well as the physicians.

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