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Topical nourishing hair solution or minoxidil tonic are often attached with a dropper. Although there are using methods on instructions, there are still a lot of people who do not know how to properly use it in order to make the scalp fully absorbed the formula.

According to reminds from minoxidil supplier, before people use topical products, they should wash their hands with soap and try to make the scalp in dry state. After washing the hair, the best scalp to dry completely before using the. Before use to comb hair slightly finishing, in order to avoid inconvenience caused by hair messy.


Almost all the dropper will have a marked scale, in accordance with its own range of hair to determine the amount of uptake. Head is usually coupled with the forehead, each use of the principle of 1 ~ 2ml to exhort, if a large range of hair, do not time to draw too much volume, should be to repeatedly draw better; for example, to 2ml of dosage, can be divided into three to four, To draw the full amount of, and may lead to unnecessary waste in the process of using.

Process, please try to use the mirror. Regardless of the size range in the area you wish to use the dropper close to the light to meet the skin, the average solution gently dropping. In the end, how to drop it in best way? The use of each person in different ways, it can be straight or staggered drop. Such as the scope of the larger part of the head, light drops four to six o'clock, forehead on both sides of each drop of 2-3 points, and so on. Drops of the process, it is recommended that the other hand can be assisted in the next, more solution is dropping, first smudged in order to avoid the drop the germinal flow to the forehead, etc..

In order to let the scalp can be uniformly exposed to the solution, fully massage the scalp with both hands pulp. Massage time to about 1 minute after the end, remember that your hands can be washed clean. After use, do not immediately use the hair dryer to use the stereotyped formula dries products, please re-use styling products as much as possible not to touch the scalp. Principle, regardless of minoxidil hair growth potion or custody of the liquid. Please let it stay on the scalp for at least 3-4 hours before the cosmetics raw material can be washed away.

It is really difficult to use the minoxidil dropper? In fact, it is wrong. It requires and patience in the process. The advantage of topical products with dropper is the direct scalp contact to the formula. If people grasp the essentials, it is economical. Comparing to the nozzle, although the nozzle can even cut a wide range of spray mist formula, if the hair is too long, people also need to massage the scalp.

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