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Essential Oils and their medicinal properties are known to many of us, but how many of you are aware that essential Oils can cure Cancer. According to a modern scientific research and its study scientists invented that Essential Oils can play a life-saver in Cancer Treatments. Natural Essential Oil suppliers and manufacturers are now looking for this majestic property of Essential Oils as a remedy and as a growth symbol for this Industry.

Liver Cancer to be specific can be cured completely, or if not completely can be slowed down to the lowest. You may become curious to know about this majestic oil, it is Citrus Essential Oil. Cancer can be treated to a great extent by using Citrus Essential Oils, according to a study held by Biophysics' and Biochemistry Journal the growth of cancer cells can be inhibited by a compound called citronella. Citronella is a primary component of Citrus, by virtue of which citrus acquired its Lemon essence.


That study has analyzed that citronella can inhibit the molecular mechanism by assets of which growth of cancer cells can be slowed down. In order to slow down the process the replication of Cancer Cells must be effectively stopped and this crucial work is done by balmy receptor named 'OR-1-A2'. It is because of the fact that Essential Oils are highly concentrated because as to extract a very small amount of oil you need approx 200 times the raw product responsible for it.

Essential Oils can also be beneficial in fungal and viral infections, and it is used from ages to fight against Bronchitis, Asthma, HIV, Strokes and other ailments. Natural Essential Oil manufacturers ( ) are keeping a close watch on this property and using it to the great effect. Improving health is another benefit of Essential Oils and it can be equally effective for skin. It can work towards making your skin more beautiful and can come handy in meditation and relaxation.

Almost 80% of Essential Oils are known for their unique medicinal properties. Essential Oils can be used either physically or internally as per the directions of usage, like it can be directly applied onto skin or inhaled through inhalers. The recent research has unveils the keys how our body responds to the Aromatherapy and how it uses that in order to fight against bacteria or disease causing microbes. Essential Oils ( ) are widely acknowledged for their anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Now the question arises in our minds that why our body responds to Essential Oils so effectively to make it a majestic product for us. The answer lies within it that the substance which are non toxic in nature plus organic are well accepted by our body and also eliminated ones it purpose has fulfilled, the major example of that is food we eat. Our body accepts the food and then eliminates it in other form. But when our body deals with synthetic compounds then our metabolism get disturbed and hence the assimilation and elimination process hurts badly.

The above mentioned quality of our body that accepts natural substances, metabolize it and eliminate it without hard efforts is best suitable for natural molecules. The composition of Essential Oils is largely filled with these natural molecules, which are designed and works as a conveyor between cell and sensory organs. So we can conclude that in contrast of synthetic drugs Organic Essential Oils are more beneficial, as synthetic drugs coagulates with each other and hence form a tissue that is comparatively of bigger size and in turn disrupts the normal functioning of body.

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