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Hair transplantation in Pakistan has met a lot of controversies like any other cosmetic surgery. This is because people outgrown beliefs about such surgeries believing that they are detrimental to health in long run. The conservative part of Pakistan may even think of a cosmetic surgery unnecessary because it is more like interfering with a nature itself. But now with time trends have changed drastically. Only the patients who suffer from hair loss or baldness know the miserable life they have to live.

It is essential to understand that Hair transplantation is not a beauty surgery that enhances your features or is done just for the sake of it. It is rather a serious and permanent treatment to a disease of hair loss that many people in Pakistan may incur. There could be various reasons for loss but once it becomes out of the scope of medication to treat or restore the gone hair, then is transplanted recommended to people after complete check up.

People, in past, had no or very less facilities available in Pakistan to have a transplantation. They most appropriate way was to travel abroad for it. The huge amount of cost it demanded was a major turn off that people could not have a transplants. But now there are many different centers operating to provide with reliable and excellent results.

ILHT enjoys a well established position in Pakistan for its excellence and commitment towards changing lives of people who are facing loss issues. Pakistan has various branches of ILHT which enjoy a distinct position. There are different techniques used for transplantation. However, the basic and under lying principle remains the same to all, that is, the donor is examined and selected.

Selective follicles are extracted and transplanted to bald patch via a sharp instrument to leave minimum of the any scar. For a good hair transplant, it is important to have detailed knowledge about hair lines, direction of the growth, and density of the on every individual and sensitivity of every individual towards the treatment. Only this way it is possible to attain your natural looks back without giving any impression of hair transplants.

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