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You have a pale skin but you like to look sun kissed. You may just simply love to have the exotic beach look. Beauty Salons around the country are giving spray tan services with their Fake Tan Friday schemes. You do not have to sit hours under the sun, where you can risk for sunburn; just go for a salon tan. This option allows you to get a look that you always wanted without wasting time, sweat and pain. With this method, you get the natural looking effects that you desire in a controlled environment.

Spray Tan is an economical and effective way to nourish your skin without any damages. For some people getting it by sitting under the sun is not the option; they get sun burn quickly. As far as, tanning beds are concerned, many people react poorly to them. They are harmful to certain people's skin. The harmful effects of these methods are making people to go for fake one. More and more people are turning towards spray method to get the summer look as it does not take time or pain.

The big question is- how this process works? When you go for your spray tan, a professional at Salon will apply the solution directly to your skin. You can choose to be as dark or as light complexion of tone for yourself. This “look” last for few weeks, after which you can reschedule for a redone. This is temporary tan, which fades away in few weeks without leaving any mark. The best part is; you can get that desired tan look even in winters. Though cosmetics and beauty products are hugely popular and prove to be success, people are still swarming the spray tanning salons and booths in the neighborhood. People also look for self tan and other tanning solutions. However, it leads to uneven look. Professional tanning is advisable for a perfect and healthy chocolate look. Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals companies have come up with organic products. This spray tan solutions are developed in such a way that it provides the desired tone preventing any chance of skin diseases, making it easier and safer.

The important part is- how to maintain the spray or organic tan? After-care is most likely the vital part of making sure that to have a quality and longer lasting one. After application, you must allow the tanning solution to dry completely before dressing. Avoid showering or bathing for at least 8 hours after the process and allow the skin to absorb the tan. Keep in mind any rough contact with the skin may rub off the tan, so washing with a loofah sponge, using beaded or exfoliating soap will reduce it and may make it blotchy. Another trick to ensure a longer lasting tan is to moisturize your skin with Aloe Vera or any natural moisturizer. Taking care of your new spray tan will make it more effective and longer lasting.

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