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We are all quite fond of our hair, but let's be honest-female haircare can be a total inconvenience at the best of times. The following haircare tips and tricks are sure to make managing and caring for your hair simpler and less time consuming.

Time's a Wasting-Shampooing, Blow-Drying and Everything In-Between


The first way in which you are probably wasting time is by shampooing-too often, that is. Thanks to the modern miracle that is dry shampoo, you need not do a 'proper' hair wash as often as you did before. Once to twice a week should be fine, with spritzes of a good quality dry shampoo to tide you over in-between washes.

Another way in which we as females to tend to waste time is through over-treating our hair. Using keratin conditioner at every wash and applying a moisturising mask once a week should be more than enough insofar treatment of your hair is concerned. Anything more will just weigh your hair down and be a complete waste of time and product.

The third way in which you can cut time and effort from your haircare repertoire is to cut down on your blow-drying time. This will not only save you time, but is also-as you may well know-better for the health of your hair. You should ideally allow your hair to air dry completely as often as possible, but even if you do need to style and blow-dry your hair, you need not do so as soon as you have stepped out of the shower or bath. Your hair is more fragile when completely wet, which may lead to more breakage, and styling it from wet is in actual fact completely unnecessary. You will nonetheless be able to style your hair perfectly after allowing it to air dry-whilst doing your makeup or having breakfast perhaps-to a slightly damper state, saving you time, effort and the state of your hair.

Haircare Shortcuts-From Volume to Shine

Mayonnaise, avocado, vinegar-we have heard it all when it comes to haircare shortcuts. The following haircare shortcuts have been tried and tested to make life, or at least haircare, easier.

Greasiness: If you are fresh out of dry shampoo, talcum [baby] powder remains the quickest and easiest way in which to deal with greasy hair. Just be sure to ruffle your hair to cover your parting, as powder tends to be more noticeable than proper spray-in dry shampoo.

Frizzy/Lacklustre: You may have heard countless times that doing your final, post-conditioner rinse should be done with cold water, but this one is actually true-and it works. Rinsing with cold water seals the cuticle of your hair, which makes for more lustre. You may also want to apply a leave-in conditioner to the ends of your hair, even if you have already conditioned after washing.

Flat: The best solutions for flat hair are a quality volumising shampoo and conditioner respectively, but if you wake up with your hair looking somewhat flat you can spritz the top layer with water before blow-drying it skywards to create the effect of overall volume.

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