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Hair stylist tips straight from backstage at fashion week to your dressing table; we have assembled the top catwalk tips for glamorous hair. From blunt cuts to frizzy crimping, the following tips will help you to rock your hair, no matter what kind of hair day it is.

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Hair


Stylists unanimously emphasise the importance of taking good care of your hair-models need to invest in some serious TLC after fashion week. Whilst it is likely not put through the ringer quite as much as that of a model walking fifteen different shows within a week, frequent styling and lacklustre haircare will leave your tresses worse for wear. Professional hairstylists emphasise the vitality of a weekly moisturising hair mask, particularly if you tend to use heat and/or chemicals to style your hair. In order to protect your hair during the heat styling process, a heat protectant should be non-negotiable. Lastly, in order to rid your hair of styling product build-up and have it squeaky clean again, you should use a good quality clarifying shampoo once a week.

Embrace the Wide Array of Styling Products at Your Fingertips

With the above said, glamorous hair requires styling, and styling requires specialist styling products. From hair texturising spray, to volumising mousse, to smoothing serum-there is a product available for your particular hairstyling requirement. Also, do not be afraid to fix your hairstyle in place. A model cannot strut down a catwalk with her hairstyle falling apart, and unless the stylist opts for a loose, flowing look, catwalk stylists are not shy about using as many bobby pins and cans of hairspray as it takes to keep models' hairstyles looking perfect. Despite the recent trend for beauty mavens to veer away from hairspray, your hairstyle needs to last longer than the couple of minutes that a model is on the catwalk, so learn from the professionals and ensure that your hair is properly secured before stepping away from the mirror.

Embrace the State of Your Hair. Never Have a Bad Hair Day Again

Alright, so this is not an actual catwalk hairstylist tip, since fashion shows have a very particular look to which the models' hairstyles need to adhere, but, if fashion week has taught us anything, it is that when it comes to glamorous hair, almost anything goes. Do not be too set on the particular style that you want to do on a certain day; work with your hair, not against it. If it seems to be particularly frizzy and unmanageable, do not attempt to force it straight, as there is no hairstyle as unsightly as a poorly straightened mane. Embrace the frizz, break out the crimping iron and rock a sixties hair vibe. Likewise, if you did not rinse your conditioner out properly or have skipped a wash, do not apply so much dry shampoo that you end up looking like your grandmother. Opt for the wet look and pretend it was on purpose.

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