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Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure which includes moving individual hair follicles from one part of the body (the donor part) to the bald side which is the recipient side. The procedure is mainly used to treat Androgenic alopecia, commonly known as male pattered baldness. Owing to certain hereditary, personal or lifestyle problems, hair fall issues are commonplace and can victimize anyone, anywhere. A hair transplant procedure becomes inevitable under circumstances of permanent damage and hence, calls for concern about the surgery cost.

A beneficial investment


The cost of hair transplant may cause some people to consider other methods that are substantially inexpensive, but keeping in mind the long term benefits of permanent hair growth, this procedure should be regarded as a productive investment.. There has been a drastic improvement in the quality of the treatment since its inception and most importantly, the cost has dropped considerably too.

Cost involved in transplants

It is hard-hitting to make an average cost estimate for the hair transplant of different patients. It is usually dependent on each person's specifics of hair loss circumstances. According to reports of American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average surgeon's fee for Hair transplant surgery is somewhat around $4676.The cost of anesthesia or the surgical center is not included in this fee and there are great variations depending on an individual person's requirements. Hence, the total cost may vary from being $2500 to $15000.

Factors affecting the cost

There are several factors which profoundly contribute to the cost of hair transplant. The number of sessions required, the extent of grafts needed for a particular procedure, the technique that is employed for the same and the location and the extra fittings required for the surgery are some factors which are countable in the cost.

Basically, the number of strands of hair that are transplanted is the most important factor while determining the cost. The surgeries that require more strands of hair to be transplanted take longer time than those which have lesser strands to move and only for a few missing hair. Price quotes for many surgeons are based on the number of hairs transplanted, with the most common of them being $3 to $10 per graft. And if the procedure of hair transplant requires for two or more sessions, the price accordingly goes up. 'Volume discounts” are also offered by many surgeons, who bring the cost per graft lower for the patients who require a specified number strands of transplanted hairs.

Additional Cost

There are some other factors too to be considered like the reputation of a well-known doctor will have a higher fee than other regular surgeons and some geographical areas tend to cost more than regular ones. The final payment depends on the results obtained through the surgery and the surgeon who performs it. Consultation visits to surgeons should help to estimate the best thing for any hair transplant procedure by getting the right price quotes, which will ensure better results in the long run.

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