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More than fifty percent of people use strong chemicals on hair which can be in the form of permanent colouring or other forms of chemicals. The use of chemicals can aggravate the problem of aging, dryness and itchiness. It can increase the formation of dandruff due to infections and cause premature greying. Premature greying of hair indicates aging and people having too many strands of grey hair early in life i.e. in 20 to 30s frequently face questions about their age. A range of chemical based dyes are used by people to hide such to make the hair look stylised. These dyes or colours damage it and do not provide any long-term nourishment to the roots of hair.

People who want to know the tips for its growth to prevent uncontrolled hairfall, itchiness, dryness and greying can take one of the most popular herbal remedies for its growth such as Hylix Lotion, which is made up of exceptional extracts taken from different types of medicinal herbs and trees, which can provide a set of different types of nourishment to the roots and the scalp.


The natural components in the herbal remedies for hair growth helps in growth as it protects the scalp from infections or dandruff, increases flexibility of hair roots, protects natural nourishment from evaporating from the scalp, rebalances the level of chemicals which are found on the scalp and nourishes the inner roots.

People use many different chemical based hair colours that ultimately damage the hair. Hair devices that increase pressure on follicles and roots can weaken the hair and cause broken ends. Additionally, the exposure to chemicals and pollutants can increase the risk of infections. Fungus infections to the scalp are the major reason for the formation of dandruff. Dryness and aging of scalp skin can also increase the risk of hairfall. Stress is another factor which causes this problem due to imbalance in the endocrines. Many of these factors can be controlled by using herbal remedies for hair growth.

Some of the best tips for hair growth are:

  1. Avoid stress
  2. Take nutritious diet
  3. Prevent dehydration and dryness of skin
  4. Prevent metabolism disorders
  5. Avoid exposure to chemicals
  6. Protect it from pollutants
  7. Avoid using devices and hair dryer that damage it and cause dryness
  8. Regulated exposure to sun can prevent yeast infection.

One can take the above mentioned herbal remedies for hair growth which are rich in natural extracts to empower the hair follicles and increase flexibility of the scalp skin to prevent dryness and breaking of strands. The regular use of herbal remedies for hair growth can help in reducing the problem caused by exposure to chemicals and radiations. People who want to have good volume of hair should rub it regularly on the scalp and regrowth of new hairs can be seen in few weeks. Even the problem is caused by chemotherapy or radiation therapy can be prevented by using herbal remedies for its growth.

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