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Brazilian Blowout

What is a Brazilian Blowout?


Brazilian Blowout is a smoothing treatment to smooth and redefine curls, waves and unwanted frizzy hair. It also leaves your hair healthy, shiny and adds moisture.

People who have used this product

Many of the Hollywood actresses and world top models use Brazilian Blowout. The count is unprecedented. on this link to see a few of the magazine covers.

Considering a smoothing treatment?

When considering a smoothing treatment, Brazilian Blowout brand is the better choice. If this brand is done correctly, it will leave your hair feeling healthy, with no breakage and no new growth breakage, as this brand has keratin that repairs tiny cracks and fractures on individual follicles before sealing each follicle.

Also, when considering a smoothing treatment, it is very important to know the product and the brand your salon is using. Be sure that the product is truly the Brazilian Blowout brand. You may also want to make sure the stylist is certified for using the brand. Your salon should also direct you to the after care products, which, more than likely, include sulfate free Shampoo and Conditioner.

Difference between a relaxer and a Smoothing treatment

If you are wondering the difference between a relaxer and a Smoothing treatment/Brazilian Blowout; a relaxer is a chemical that straightens permanently and needs to be done every 6 to 8 weeks due to new growth.

Smoothing treatment is a professional semi-permanent treatment that improves the health of the hair. They uses Keratin which is a protein that restores luster and softness to all hair types.

The best quality of Brazilian Blowout is you can still use your hair slightly curly or straight with less styling time. This is the only Brand of smoothing treatment that does not need maintenance with new hair growth.

What you may not know about Brazilian Blowout

In the many Blowouts we have done, it is amazing the amount of clients that do not know this helpful fact. You can add color to your hair or add highlights to your hair on the same day, just before you get you Blowout done; Which means, you can have everything done to your hair on the same appointment – in effect, this will save time – your time.

Importantly, when you do get a Blowout on the same day following your hair color or hair highlight, Brazilian Blowout will seal in your color or highlight nicely, and in the days to come, your hair color or highlight will fade less and shine more.

Please note: If you do decide to color your hair or highlight hair after you have had a Brazilian Blowout; you must allow a two-week waiting period, as your hair needs a chance to close fully to accept the new color properly.

So, there you have it! To recap, Brazilian Blowout is the best smoothing treatment on the market. Always ask your stylist questions on the products they are using to smooth. Try to use stylists that are certified. You can have a color or highlight on the same day, just before your Blowout. If you add color after a Blowout, you need to wait 2 weeks for your hair to accept the color properly.

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