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Let's face it – we all want beautiful, healthy and thick hair that others will be jealous of. The texture and thickness of the follicles is mostly genetic, so someone with thin hair will have thin hair their whole life. However, there are some tricks and tips to make hair appear thicker – and there are also products that are not good for thinner locks that should be avoided.

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  • The blow drying trick – Do not blow dry when it is sopping wet. Let it air dry as long as possible. Once that is done, do not put any product in it yet. Blow dry with your head upside down and use your fingers to comb through. Don't use a brush quite yet. Once it is a little dryer, then add product to the hair. You can also start using a brush since the hair is dryer.
  • Grab the mousse – Mousse is super lightweight and can still add a lot of body as well. You want a product that will lessen the obviousness of thinning hair. Mousse is a great option because if you put at the root – it makes for more body without weighing the it down or making it hard or unmanageable. You want your hair to be touchable and soft too. Using that along with a thickening shampoo will do the trick.
  • Stay away from the gels and pomades – Pomades and gels are not good for those with thin hair treatment. Gels and pomades weigh it down significantly if too much product is used, and it makes it sticky or just not full or thick. Too much product in general will make it look worse. So stay away from any gels, pomades or anything sticky or heavy that will weigh the follicles down. You want the hair from the roots to the ends to look as thick as possible.
  • Wash regularly – If you have oily scalp, you will probably want to wash every day, someone with dryer would probably get away with every other day. Follow a regimen that works for you, but a clean scalp is better for the health of the follicles and the scalp.
  • Don't over-process – Over-processing with dyes, bleaches and chemicals can weaken the follicles and thinning hair, cause breakage and even loss. So make sure to treat your locks with care and don't overdue it.
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