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Hello readers! In our previous post we discussed over different types of hair (H) loss problems and today we are going to discuss about the permanent solution for your(H) loss problems i.e., Hair transplant (HT). Many dermatologists provide Hair Transplant in Delhi, but before going for the treatment you must know if it actually gives you permanent solution.

Before going for the transplantation treatment everyone have some common queries related to it such as, is it safe, is it permanent, is there any side-effect of HT, etc. So I am going to answer these common questions today which are really going to help you.


Problems which require Hair Transplant

Hair loss is completely common among males as well as females. It can occur due to some common reasons, i.e. alopecia, aging, stress, etc. Stress related hair loss will resume the normal growth after a few months and need no medical treatment in some cases. But some other type of(H) loss, such as male pattern (H) loss, Androgenetic alopecia and non-pattern(H) loss will need some medical treatment such as FUE(H) transplant, FUT hair transplant, HD (H) transplant, etc. The HT treatment is 100% safe and effective treatment to restore your youth.

Hair Transplant is permanent

HT treatment is considered as a permanent and effective solution for all kinds of hair loss problems because of the advancement of modern technologies which have made it possible to revitalize natural hair permanently.

It is a permanent solution and the reason is very simple. We do not lose(H) from the back portion of our head, those hairs are permanent and can never fall for life time. In medical term we call them DHT resistant (H) air or hormone resistant hair.

Now in hair transplant procedure(H) roots are taken from the back (donor area) of head and planted to the bald portion of the head (recipient area). Thehair roots which are planted in the recipient area are permanent in nature, so these planted hair also become permanent and one will never lose them again.

Different types of hair transplant

FUE Hair Transplant: – Follicular Unit Extraction is a modern technique ofhair restoration which does not leave any scar on the back of your head. In this method doctor extracts hair follicles from the donor area and transferred to recipient area and implanted using stereo microscopes. It is a fast technique which has an almost painless recovery.

Strip or FUT hair transplant: – Follicular unit transplant is also known as a strip surgery and is a hair restoration technique in which small clusters of hair from the back of hair is surgically removed and inserted into the bald area. The treatment will give the natural growth of hair in the recipient area.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: – If you want to fight the baldness then you can go for the modern technique to eradicate baldness i.e. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. The technique is performed by professional by making the use of high yielding platelet, derived from the patient's blood. The plasma is separated from the blood serum and used for injecting it into the patient's bald region. The technique enhances the hair growth.

Where to get the treatment?

If you are suffering from H loss problems and want to get the treatment, then you can visit Regenix clinic. Doctors at Regenix clinic provide best hair transplant in Delhi. One will get the treatment under expert supervision in a hygienic environment. They provide all types ofhair treatment as well as skin & cosmetic procedures at very low cost. If you want to restore your looks then visit Regenix and get the makeover at an unmatched price.

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