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In order to get rid of hair loss problem, transplantation is regarded the only solution. But do you know what the transplantation actually is? Hair transplant is a surgical technique that takes donor dominant hair follicles form donor areas like chest or from the very back of your head and artistically relocates them into balding areas. This procedure produces natural looking results even after only one transplantation session. For some men transplantation is the final substitute. In this process, doctors don't transplant from another person into you. In transplantation surgery, experts take from where you have more than you need and place it on the parts where you need them more. Since there are no knife cuts and stitches and there is no resultant pain after getting transplant. The entire procedure involves 2-4 hours depend upon the number of hair being implanted.

Hair transplantation is very effective in most types of loss including both men and women loss pattern even that eyebrows and eye lashes can be reconstructed by using this technique. Transplantation is considered to be the only real answer to being bald. This process has the natural outcomes and you could not recognize it unless you closely examine the scalp of the person who has experienced transplantation surgery. It results in more natural appearance. Today due to advances in technology, transplantation surgery is the most advanced technique that gives you the natural appearance permanently. Meanwhile, newly transplanted hair requires some extraordinary care than ordinary washing, trimming and styling as you have always done with your hair.

Once the transplanted hair begins to grow, it will continue to do so for a lifetime. The transplanted hair usually sheds within 2-6 weeks after the process, as the root enter a resting phase. It takes ten to twelve months to see the full improvements in the term of density as the hair continues to thicken and mature. So be patient to find the desired consequences on the permanent basis.

If any infection causes, it would only be the careless attitude of the patient. Infection does occur due to patient's failure to fully follow the post operative instructions as I have mentioned above that transplanted hair requires extra care than the ordinary one. The main benefit is that the infections can be treatable with antibiotics that can be prescribed by the physician. Best of all results are permanent. You should get in touch with the experts or doctors, if you are one of those who are suffering from hair loss.

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