3 Ways to Grow Healthy Hair Naturally

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“I like my hair, but I wish it were longer.”

How many of you have felt this way after transitioning to natural hair or starting locs? Longer hair can mean more styling options and for some it’s just esthetically beautiful. I am sure you’ve noticed some sister’s coils and curls seem to grows like wildflowers, while others grow at a slower rate. While everyone’s hair is different, there’s three things that can be done and can only render positive results for everyone’s hair. The key to more growth is to simply nurture the scalp, protect your hair and prevent its breakage.

Nurture the scalp and hair follicles. The focus with taking care of hair should be maintaining its strength and resilience. Since both the scalp and follicles are alive, they should be treated like living parts of your self. Just as you ingest nutrients that are healthy for growth, give your hair the same respect. Nurture your scalp and hair follicles with all natural nutrients such as a plant-based nutrient.

This increases stimulation to encourage blood flow, which is important. Without blood flow, there’s not much hair follicles can do. Since follicles are in charge of making your hair grow, massaging them gently for a few minutes every day gets them the blood they need to produce hair as fast as possible. In addition to scalp massage, stimulating essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus and some citrus oil deliver an aromatic experience.

Consider the benefits of herbs for natural hair care. It is safe to believe that the best path to follow when nurturing natural hair is nurturing it with natural hair care.

Sulfate-free hair cleansers/shampoos are the best choice for natural hair, whether its free-flowing or locs. A great blend of natural ingredients to look for in a sulfate free shampoo consists of sage, rosemary, nettle, oat straw and horsetail. Herbal infusions are also a great base for hydration and scalp refreshment.

If you are a DIY beauty babe, experiment with your own blends. Try an aromatherapy scalp treatment at home. Gather a dark glass bottle, a nourishing carrier oil base like olive, jojoba or sweet almond and add 10 drops of essential oil oils per ounce. Apply to scalp or affected areas 3 times per week.

Essential oils that encourage hair growth includes lavender, rosemary, cedar wood, peppermint, ginger and basil. However, remember to always follow safety guidelines when using essential oils. Some are to be avoided when concerning hypertension and/or pregnancy.

Protect the hair you have. Now, I understand you want growth, but keep in mind, new growth comes to the current. So, with that being said, protect the hair you have. As your hair grows from a healthy scalp and follicles, protect it. Remember, no harsh detergent based shampoos. As well, deep conditioning treatments are key to growing healthy hair. Look for ingredients like coconut oil, avocado oil, and rich moisturizing plant butters.

If you color your hair and want to grow longer tresses, be consistent with your deep conditioning and steam treatments. Avoid bleaching your natural hair to go lighter. Find a natural stylist with a color portfolio to discuss the best method of achieving blazing bronzes or vibrant reds. If you wear straight styles, alternate your look occasionally. Try a rod set, twist out or braid set.

Prevent Hair Breakage. It is not a surprise that natural hair, especially medium to tight curl patterns crave moisture. By now you know to give your coily mane the best nourishment you can find. The next step is to preserve the moisture so your hair is not prone to breakage. Hydrate, nourish and hydrate some more. Plant based lotions, creams or butters should be used on damp hair depending on your hair texture; fine, medium or thick. Revitalize moisture with an herbal infused hair mist. It may sound cliche’-ish, but it works.

Lay off the heat styling, detangle with your fingers, sleep on satin and give your system a boost with a vitamin supplement. There are many great hair, skin and nail formulas to enhance your nutrition. A fatty acid imbalance can contribute to dull and unhealthy hair. Supplements rich in Omega 3 acids can nourish hair by feeding the hair follicles, thereby stimulating growth as well as shine.

A few more hair growth tips:

Fine or color treated natural hair requires extra TLC

Avoid trauma to your scalp withholding from too much tension, tight weaves and braids

Consult a Naturopath, Dermatologist or Holistic Practitioner if you have chronic illness, alopecia, scalp trauma or genetic thinning

Relax and give your therapies a chance to work

Keep a hair diary and photo journal

Live a drama free life (Yes! Stress can cause hair loss)

Talk to your GYN if birth control or hormones are effecting your hair

(JMO) Just My Opinion! If you are suffering from significant hair loss or thinning and you have not been successful with methods similar to those I have shared, find a professional natural hair stylist who can offer you hair replacement or hair extension options. Do not feel like, “staying natural” means you can not enhance your look with advanced creative techniques. Remember it is your hair and your self-image.

Long, Short or in Between

Be Radiantly Beautiful,

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