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Grow Hair

Using hair extensions is a great way to give yourself a new look. It's like getting a new lease of life can not only lengthen but also thicken all types. The best type used is actual human hair with cuticle intact. It is very rare and expensive; therefore we have written this article to teach […]

Itchy Scalp Hair Loss

Losing hair is a problem of ages which had several solutions wherein you could see people trying various medications to regain their lost hair. However, among the most effective solutions in the modern times could include the hair transplant procedure. So, what is hair transplantation? It is nothing but a surgical procedure which is carried […]

Natural Hair Treatment

During pregnancy period, quite of huge precautions should be made so there would no ill-effects to the safety of the developing fetus. Whatever you eat and drink, direct effect can be seen on the growth plus development of the fetus. Even the cosmetic products you use if are not safe and leave drastic effects to […]

Hair Care Lotion

The growth of hair on wanted body parts can be quite embarrassing to be faced in public and you need to be constantly aware of how to appear socially without being a laughing stock. Hair growth on body parts like arms, arm pits, upper lips, legs, thighs etc will stop you from going out and […]

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